Loki is a rogue Asgard geneticist responsible for creating the Sectoids and the UFO incidents on Earth. His goal is to find a cure for his people's genetic problems, as well as provide a method for combatting the replicators. In 2002, Loki began abducting people of Langara for his research. be As of 2003, he allied himself with Anubis in exchange for gaining a Ha'tak mothership and giving him the eye of Tiamat. He aided Anubis' escape at the Battle of Delmak by taking some of the heat off of him long enough to ram his ship into Delmak while escaping. He further aided Anubis by helping make the Kull Warriors and Aerons. At the Battle of Antarctica, he aided Anubis by taking on Earth's F-302s over Antarctica to prevent SG-1 from gaining weapons of the Ancients. When O'Neill activated the Antarctica superweapon, Loki beamed Anubis away and retreated before the drones reached his ship.